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New Security Feature for Online Banking

Whats Changing?

Changes are coming to the online banking login.  Starting June 5, 2014 you will no longer see the image and passphrase after you enter your access ID.  Here is an example of the image and passphrase:





The user’s private image and passphrase will no longer be displayed when they log in to our online banking services. To replace that security, customers will now see the introduction of extended validation (EV) certificates.  This EV feature (an anti-phishing measure) will replace the older image/passphrase feature.  This EV feature displays a green bar over the website URL, providing internet banking customers with visual confirmation that they are on our valid website. This feature should take effect April 22, 2014.

Sample of EV feature:



https: //web2.secureinternetbank.com/pbi_pbi1961/ Fiserv, Inc.   […        X



Online banking is safe 

Though an Image and Pass Phrase will no longer be part of the log in procedure, RSA® Adaptive Authentication features three powerful levels of security to guard access to user accounts.  This combined with the new EV Certificate (Green Toolbar) provides The Antwerp Exchange Bank customers with a secure online banking system.

The additional levels of security to guard access to our customer’s accounts:


The first level requires the correct entry of a User ID and Password. These must match system records or access is refused.


The second level of identification is the device the person uses to sign in. If the computer, phone or tablet is not recognized, the customer or member will be required to answer a challenge question or verify their registered email address to ensure their identity.


The third level of authentication is based on geographic indicators. If a login attempt is made from a new geographic location, the user may be asked an additional challenge question or be required to verity their registered email address.

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