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Loan Calculator

The results below are only an estimation of a loan available from the Antwerp Exchange Bank. They are only provided to help you plan your next loan from AEB. To use this calculator, enter values for the number of terms (number of payments) and the interest rate and also either the loan amount (this will calculate your monthly payments) OR the monthly payment that your budget allows (this will calculate your max loan amount). Click calculate or reset to finish. Clicking the Reset button will clear entered values. For more information about our loan services, please stop in and see one of our lending representatives or call us at 419-258-5351 or Toll Free at 1-877-281-1847 for the Antwerp location or 419-263-2705 for the Payne Branch. Alternatively, visit our loan page for a better description for our services.

Loan Amount$
Loan Length (Terms)%
Interest Rate%
Monthly Payment$
Enter only numeric values (no commas), using decimal points where needed.
Non-numeric values will cause errors.

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